Plastic Surgery

Six Pack Surgery - Abdominal Etching

Fat-free abdomen and pronounced abdominal muscles are all elements of a healthy and aesthetic appearance for both men and women. Sixpack Surgery can help you get the look you desire in only two and a half hours.

This is a body shaping operation to achieve a healthy, dynamic, fit, athletic and muscular body. The idea is to enhance the appearance of your existing muscle layer. We do this by preserving or supplementing the fat tissue in the areas where you have muscles and the remove the fat tissue that hides your muscles by liposuction.

Sixpack surgery is right for you if you’re not completely overweight and are willing and determined to keep your weight off after the operation.

While most of our operations focus on the belly area. The technique we use is also applied to pectoral, back, arms, legs, and abdomen as well. In short we can enhance your appearance where you already have muscles.