Everything you need to know

Your Medical Tourism Checklist

Planning your trip is an important part of medical tourism. Here’s what to keep in mind in order to ensure that your medical travels are smooth, trouble-free and enjoyable.

Ensure the Trip is convenient

How long should you expect to stay in the hospital and how long will you be expected to stay in Istanbul?  What will your recovery period be like and will you have enough time to enjoy Istanbul? These are all questions for planning the success of your trip. Consult with our medical planning department to ensure all questions are answered.

Proper documentation

We can help accommodate you as much as possible through online/visual consultation. You can simply send us the required photos and our doctors will analyze and get back to you whether or not the procedure you are seeking is appropriate. Your doctor may also ask you to provide us with your medical documentation and background as necessary. It is always a good idea to bring in your medical records so that proper assessment.

Setting your expectations

With innovative technologies, we can help design your look even before you set foot in the hospital. While no preview is 100% accurate make sure to talk to your consultant and let him / her help you set your expectations right.

Plan for some off time

It would be a pity to come to Istanbul without enjoying what this wonderful city has to offer. We can help you get oriented and plan your leisure time as well as your procedure.